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A&P Mechanic Training 

In 2008, there were about 140,000 jobs in this field. The majority of the aircraft mechanics and service technicians in the United States are employed by airlines that operate out of major cities. They may also work for the government, companies that operate private planes, and for aviation parts manufacturers.

Job Outlook The outlook for employment in this field is likely to improve. It is estimated that the job market will increase for these kinds of occupations by about 7 percent. There will be somewhat increased demand for these mechanics because of the estimated increase in air travel over the next ten years.

It is also estimated that there will be many aircraft mechanics and service technicians will retire over the next ten years and that many people who might otherwise enter aircraft repair trade schools may take different career paths, such as automotive repair or computing careers. Since aircraft mechanics often work in dangerous conditions and stressful situations, this field is attractive to only a certain amount of people. Therefore, it is likely it will be difficult for the demand for aircraft mechanics to be met in order to keep up with the frequency of air travel that is estimated will take place in the future.

Those who have both work experience and certification to repair airframes and power plants will have the best opportunities to find a well-paying job. Those who maintain their certifications, learn about the latest technological advances and keep their skills updated are likely to be in higher demand than those who do not. They may also be more likely to find work in rural parts of the country where there is less competition for aircraft mechanic jobs.

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